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In the quarantined summer of 2020, the first iteration of 95 Bulls was formed pretty much by accident. The band has shared bills with Kid Congo, The Spits, The Gories, Wavves, and Sheer Magto name a few. They look forward to what comes after this- the next record will come in Fall 2024 following a couple of singles.

"I'd respectfully submit that 95 Bulls could furnish an appropriate soundtrack for any of your potential choices in a game of “F*ck, Marry, Kill” ...This F*CK/KILL duality comes across even more strongly on stage where the band members flirt and rage musically in equal measure like if you can imagine a more aggro B-52s--plus the groovy-warbly Farfisa keyboard makes this comparision even more apt and ups the dance ante significantly--or maybe they're more like a Great Dane getting overly frisky and thrusting his snout deep into your crotch to the point where you get kinda turned on but fear for your genitals at the same time."

        - The Deli Magazine

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