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New Arrivals

New Single Out Now!


95 Bulls, one of NYC’s hardest live acts just dropped a music video for their latest single, ‘Shady’. Directed by Auel Kanaybekov, the video takes us into a absurdist fever dream shot at the one and only TV Eye.

From the band themselves: ‘Shady’ is a transition for the band into new, darker, and more intimate territory – playing with the tension that simmers under the surface before and after aggressive release.

The band still brings a sense of raw mischief and fun, while the undercurrent of the song warns listeners to heed the calls coming from “inside the house” from one’s own intuition– to be aware of the shady, parasitic elements that may try to attach themselves to us.

The creeping, restrained instrumentals of the song suggest these insidious elements lurking about, before the explosive recognition and expulsion of them in each chorus, with Ashenden’s voice bursting through the bullshit.

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